Reasons Why Men and Women are Contacting a Holistic Sexologist

Q: Why people are contacting you? 

A: Common reasons why men, women and couples are contacting are various: to clear energetic blockages and symptoms of stress. By reducing anxiety and improving the quality of sleep, you support your body to produce more of its own hormones to keep you vital, alert and thriving at any age.

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Wanting to prevent PE, ED and prostate conditions. To improve intimate function by strengthening the male PC muscle for stronger stamina. Ultimately to learn the secret to non-stop energy flow as long as wanted (Stop-Start pelvic floor behavioral change system). 

Some book to manage sexual challenges and experiences of frustration (PE, DE, ED, RPS) via professional, evidence based behavioral change coaching methods. 

Also to process changes in arousal and desire, decreased interest, out of control behavior, performance anxiety, self-esteem, shame, guilt, body image, inhibitions, insecurities, fantasies, aging, consensual non-monogamy, pre-marital and commitment preparation concerns. 

To overcome sexual dissatisfaction and unfulfillment (loss of intimacy, skill, repertoire, compatibility, boundary concerns) and conflict avoidance in a couple

Some don´t have a partner who meet their intimate needs, or even understand how to do so, and feel unloved, unsupported and unappreciated. Some wish to learn how to effectively speak up for themselves to communicate their needs

Wanting to de-stress, or spice up life and adventure into the world of exciting variety of mindfulness-based wellness balancing, self-discovery and self-care. To boost self-confidence, vitality and immune system in natural and healthy ways.

Wanting to learn to unlock ones bliss potential by awakening and strengthening your (chi, prana, kundalini) energy, expanding and circulating it throughout the whole body for extended joy, that may last forever.

Deepen Tantra Prana energy cultivation practices, to explore ways to reconnect with your inner-self
, for personal development and sacred cosmic awakening.

Some are looking for self-discovery, to awaken ones sensual self for mapping the anatomy of sensitivity (Sensate Focus). A wonderful way to bring awareness to bodily sensations, and observe repressions, desires, feelings, fears, habits, taboos, in a process of purification for greater awareness, via professional somatic modalities of accurate body awareness techniques.

Sexual dissatisfaction or dysfunction is the result of one or more of the following conditions:
1) Lack of knowledge of one´s own body, especially genitalia.
2) Lack of knowledge of how to experience and share sexual pleasure - if one chooses to do so. 
3) Guilt and shame about one´s body, feelings, thoughts and ones sexual activity often have their roots in one´s upbringing.
4) ED, PE, intimacy anxiety, arousal and orgasm issues can also be used as an arena, in which a couple choose - usually subconsciously - to work out their power or other issues.

Sexual response or the lack of it, can be a barometer of the health of the entire relationship. Both of these issues, if present, would be addressed as part of one´s coaching program. 

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Women are often mistakenly treated as sexually disordered, because they have marital tensions, even if they are personally well adjusted to their intimate response. While being conditioned to be conservative about desire, sometimes women are also taught, that their bodies should be available for the pleasure of men.