What to Expect at The First Appointment

Q: What can I expect?

A: Please text or call a short call, to share your concerns, and I will let you know, if it is something, that I can help with. This does not mean having a consultation, but to discuss about logistics etc. You can also ask, how you can get most from your appointment and typically ask the next available time for your first session. 

Please call 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857 to book an appointment with practitioner Christina Lindea, e-mail at christina@docnoor.com or use the Contact Form in the end of the page.

Please view http://docnoor.com/blog for any further details and for appointments http://docnoor.com/blog/book-now-booking-details-fees-and-modalities with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

Weather you are stressed out, anxious and tired, or stuck at a love-life low point and looking to add more spice to your life, enhance health and wellness, I will come to your rescue with these evidence based modalities, to boost energy flow, immune system, wellbeing and self-confidence in natural and healthy ways.

You will feel accepted, without blame or judgment, so that you can talk about the things, that are also hard to talk about. You can let down your guard, you are safe, the sessions are confidential.

Promoting sexual health and wellbeing has sometimes been misunderstood, because there is no clear understanding, what such specialists do: but a certified practitioner is always working at the level of your comfort, personal and professional boundaries. 

Specially within the boundaries of professionalism, including a comfortable treatment table when needed, mask and gloves (PPE), with the approach based on behavioral scientific models and behavioral change techniques on coaching methods. 

Have a look at my Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christina-l-9a3052199/

Each session is unique and informed by your history and goals. Weather it is to overcome sexual dissatisfaction or experiences of frustrations, to learn to speak up and communicate via personal advice consultation.

Or to clear energy blocks and manage PE and ED. Or to improve function by strengthening the PC muscle for ultimate control, for longer and stronger stamina. To learn the secret to non-stop flow, as long as you like (Stop-Start method).   

Or maybe you would like to learn to unlock your bliss potential by awakening your chi - prana - kundalini energy for a mind-blowing cosmic awakening. 

You can expect clear intention of mindfulness-based cultivation of function and energy. 

You can also expect breath, movement and variety of somatic behavioral change coaching techniques, body sensations cultivation modalities along Bioenergetics wellness balancing, based on your addressed concerns. 

You can also expect body sensations coaching for your personal home assignments (Kegel Exercise and Stop-Start Method to name few), something for you to explore at home in privacy (solo or within a couple), that will keep the process alive between the appointments. On next session, I will ask about your experiences and concerns, and how you would like to take it from there.

You can expect energy cultivation, to bring awareness and support about the awakening and strengthening of your vital (qi, chi, kundalini, prana) energy and intimate function. A moment for quiet reflection and integration.

Energy cultivation and Sexological Bodywork behavioral change coaching methods are powerful, evidence based modalities to bring nourishment through conscious and trained hands-on experiencing (PLISSIT, MEBES, REASSURE models).