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Do you worry about your ability to experience arousal or maintain the feeling

Have you lost touch with your libido, or do you feel that your thoughts and behaviors are "out of control"?

Do you ever wonder if you are sexually “normal?”

Are you having trouble remembering your sensual side as a couple and would like to enhance physical and emotional intimacy with your partner?

Are you wondering if good sex therapy or seeing a sexuality therapist might improve your sensual and love life

Are you tired of coming up with excuses to avoid intimacy because you experience a lack of desire or cannot enjoy?

Are you wondering how to see a top sexologist near you sensitive to your privacy, and be able to speak privately without distractions?

Are you looking for lasting solutions to enhance your sensual and love life because sexual enhancement shots, fillers, Botox, and operations did not bring pleasure and satisfaction?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, seeing sexologist Christina Lindea maybe your best option.

Please view for any further information to schedule an appointment: prices, rates, the address to consult a specialist sexologist Christina Lindea, in Dubai, the UAE 2021, at her private office in Jumeirah Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Types of sessions:
Option 1: Verbal methods; verbal coaching consultation only
Option 2: Verbal coaching consultation AND scientific somatics

Somatics are body-oriented behavioral management techniques with breath and body sensing and talk methods. They are beneficial in dissolving negative habits, behaviors, and attitudes that no longer serve you.
If you desire and appropriate for the work, we may do somatics and some gentle bodywork. These sessions can be done while lying on a treatment-type table, maybe even still in your chair. You remain clothed.

Please note that I do not work intimately or sexually with clients. There is never nudity or sexual behavior in a session.
Offered modalities are NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.

Do you wish to boost your self-esteem and overcome stress? Manage sexual challenges by evidence-based sexological approach, facilitated by your Scandinavian trained specialist, a board-certified holistic sexologist (NACS) Christina Lindea (non-physician) near me in Dubai, the UAE. Find out more from her profile on LinkedIn:

We actually need to learn and be guided to have a positive, equal, consenting, and respectful approach to sexuality and intimacy and the possibility of having pleasurable and safer experiences.

Satisfaction and being sexually intelligent does not depend on aspects like physical appearance or seduction skills. Everyone can develop abilities to enjoy fulfilling intimacy.

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The best holistic sexual awareness and self-esteem coaching methods are now available in Dubai, the UAE, 2021. Couples psychosexual coaching is often the best alternative to marriage counseling in Dubai, couples counseling, and sex therapy because good results can usually be achieved faster. 

Dubai-based specialist urologist and andrologist Dr. Marco Raber collaborates with sexologist Christina on a game-changing sexological approach to sexual difficulties and solutions consultations in Dubai, the UAE. For more information, please view a short video 

As a professional practitioner, as a sexologist in Dubai, I know my boundaries. I will not hesitate to refer you to other types of specialists care in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, such as gynecologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and the best couples marriage counseling sex therapists for psychosexual therapy. If you are looking for a sex therapist or a urologist, doctors for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatments, and top anti-aging specialists' consultations when it is prudent to do so.

Christina Lindea works closely with Dubai's leading holistic counseling center LifeWorks in Dubai, Umm Suqeim 2. Discover recommended, experienced psychologists, psychiatrist's holistic and integrative approach to family issues and couples problems in the UAE.

For the best men´s sexual healthcare, new medical sexual dysfunction treatments for men, urology, and andrology in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, please schedule with Italian trained Dr. Marco Raber (Italian Medical Board) in Dubai. Please view for any further details and schedule an appointment with him at the Mediclinic clinic at Dubai Mall or Knowledge Village.

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