Code of Conduct and Ethics - Professional and Clear Boundaries

Disclaimer 1: The practitioner is working within professional and clear boundaries, including privacy and confidentiality. 

The practitioner is working at the level of your comfort and personal boundaries, in professional settings.

Please note that I do not work intimately or sexually with clients. There is never nudity or sexual behavior in a session. Clear boundaries keep yourself safer emotionally and physically. Talking about sexuality, is not the same as engaging in it. 

Disclaimer 2: Your use of this website indicates your understanding the following: The information and resources contained on this website, are for informational purposes only, and are NOT intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical and, or mental health disease or condition.

Disclaimer 3: Offered modalities are NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Disclaimer 4: Diamond Life Secrets© modalities are created, founded and owned by Christina Lindea.