It Is Not Just About Libido: Sexologist Christina's Top Advice About Compatibility

Relationship satisfaction is the strongest predictor of sexual satisfaction. Higher sexual satisfaction was associated with feelings of love, shared desire, and sexual frequency.

Therefore it is essential to discover before commitment if the person you are interested in is compatible enough for sexual intimacy. 

It is relevant to ask some crucial questions before anything gets serious. Otherwise, you seem to be going into a relationship completely blind.

  • First, ask yourself; what role does intimacy play in my life? How about my sexual appetite?
  • Is sexual intimacy just to be able to conceive, not for pleasure?
  • Have they discovered what sexual satisfaction or climax is to them?
  • What do they not like at the moment? How confident are they going with the flow?
  • Rather than setting boundaries, do they need to try to control the sexual situation?
  • How open are they to experimenting within their safe limits?

What constitutes sexual satisfaction and fulfillment?

Differences in preferences may tear a relationship apart, mainly if the motivations for shared sexuality differ. 

However, sexual intimacy improves over time because the couple becomes more comfortable. 

If you have love, similar attitudes towards intimacy, enough physical attraction, and appetite, compatibility will naturally occur when both stay curious and willing to evolve.

Most importantly, be ready to share what you like and don't like with one another.

And finally, to be confident enough to tell the other what feels good and whatnot.

Couples' premarital consultations provide a space to discuss hopes, expectations, and fears about intimate life together.

Relationship specialist Christina helps couples engage in conversations about sexuality and sexual expression tailored to their communication style, cultural background, and overall comfort level.

Be it through reflecting on poetry, dance, music, listening to podcasts, and watching movies.

Once couples have broken the silence around intimacy, they typically feel relieved and more optimistic about their sexual future together.

Suppose you are still shy to talk about the sensual and sexual aspects of a committed relationship. That indicates that you are maybe not ready for a sexual relationship.