Reasons Why Women, Men and Couples are Contacting a Holistic Sexologist

Q: Why are people contacting sexologist Christina?

A: Common reasons why couples, men and women, seek clinical sexologists and contact a psychosexual expert are various.

Some do not have a partner who meets their needs and feel unloved, unsupported, and unappreciated and wish to learn how to speak up for themselves to communicate their needs effectively.

Most importantly, overcome sexual dissatisfaction in a couple, such as loss of intimacy, skill, repertoire, compatibility, and boundary concerns.

Some of you seeking guidance are from minority (GSM) communities, straight-identifying MSM, or LXBTQ individuals whose characteristics differ from what is typically expected by a culture. 

Many men want to improve sexual function by strengthening the male PC muscle for stronger stamina. Ultimately, learn the secret to non-stop energy flow (Stop-Start sexological behavioral change method and CBT approach).

Men book appointments to overcome sexual challenges and experiences of frustration: such as low libido, reduced sex drive, lack of sexual desire, control (premature climax), male sexual performance anxiety, erection difficulties, PIED and erectile dysfunction.

Some men are stressing over the shape or size of the pines (small pines anxiety and pinele dysmorphophobia).

Both men and women wish to better understand sexual performance anxiety (SPA), shame, guilt, inhibitions, insecurities, fantasies, and out-of-control behavior (sex and porn addiction) and dissolve negative habits and behaviors.

Both men and women have commitment preparation worries at times. 

Cultivating sexual awareness and intelligence helps men, women, and couples access accurate information and make informed choices before engaging in intimacy with their beloved - if they choose to.

It also leads to better intimate life and deeper connections, creating space to explore and experiment safely.

Some women sometimes experience pain (vag-mus, dyspareunia, vestibulitis). Similarly, they prefer to identify and manage the root causes of why sex hurts and why they feel dry and tight. 

They don't want to ignore the causes of vag dryness and the possible side effects of menopause.

Discover female-friendly sexual health and enhancement solutions for female sexual difficulties and women's sexual problems, such as low sexual desire, sexual arousal (FSAD), satisfaction, and orgasm challenges.

Most women wish to overcome painful sex and body-related worries via lasting, non-invasive, and safe evidence-based solutions beyond the clinical therapy model.

Women are aware that female genital cosmetic surgery or procedures to alter the appearance of genitalia or function are not medically indicated (excluding procedures performed for medical reasons.). 

Such operations pose potential complications such as reduced natural lubrication and dyspareunia due to the removed tissue. Also, these surgeries' safety and effectiveness have not been fully established.

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Do you wish to overcome body image problems and awaken one's sensual self via somatics? Somatics is an effective way to bring awareness and overcome sex-related fears by professional, famous body awareness techniques.

Many are scheduling appointments to clear up psychological and energetic blockages and symptoms of stressreduce anxiety and improve sleep quality, and support the body to produce more of its hormones to keep you alert and thriving at any age.

Some want to reconnect with their inner self and learn to unlock one's bliss potential by awakening and strengthening your bioelectricity, known as prana. 

Alternatively, deepen Tantra Prana energy cultivation practices by expanding and circulating prana throughout the body for personal development.

Sexual dissatisfaction is the result of one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Lack of knowledge of one's own body, especially genitalia.
  2. Lack of understanding of how to experience and share sexual pleasure - if one chooses to do so.
  3. Guilt and shame about one's body, feelings, thoughts, and sexual activity often roots in their upbringing.
  4. ED, PE, sexual and intimacy fears and anxiety (SPA), arousal, libido - sex drive, sexual pain, and orgasm issues can also be used as an arena in which a couple chooses - usually subconsciously - to work out their power or other problems.

Sexual response or the lack of it can be a barometer of the health of the entire relationship.

Women are sometimes mistakenly treated as sexually disordered because they have marital tensions. 

While being often conditioned to be conservative about sexual desire, sometimes women are also taught that their bodies should be available for men's pleasure. These issues, if present, would be addressed as part of one's consultation.

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