Sexologist Christina´s Seven Secrets for Sensational Intimacy Part One

1. Your partner is not a mind-reader

Take responsibility for your well-being during a sexual encounter. If something feels uncomfortable or hurts, say so. If something is happening that you don't like, say so. If something is happening too fast or you are unsure whether you like it or not, say so.

Don't assume that your partner will know. Your partner is not a mind-reader.

Neither partner has to be overly concerned about the other because you trust your partner will tell you if something is wrong.  

Commit at the beginning of the sexual relationship to speaking up to yourself.

2. Respect boundaries

You cannot relax and stay curious without creating a safe space. Don't go there if your partner has told you that a particular activity or body part is off-limits. "No" means no.

You are always free to renegotiate boundaries but have that conversation another time.

3. Communicate openly and directly

Don't hold back or use vague language when communicating something important about your likings and preferences.

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