Sexologist Christina´s Seven Secrets for Sensational Intimacy Part Two

4. Don´t take anything personally
A typical response when we experience criticism or rejection is to become defensive. Assume the best about your partner's intentions, but of course, if the comment hurts you, then stop doing what you were doing.
5. Focus on your pleasure, but your partner's pleasure, too
Some sexuality educators advise clients to focus on either or. Still, you should not be missing out on the wonders of taking turns exploring and pleasuring each other, which can set up positive feedback loops of sensual delights and intimate connection. 
6. Express gratitude
This is very important, so tell your partner how much you appreciate their actions and positive energy towards you, also at the moment when you are enjoying intimacy together.
7. Let go 
When you have first established a physically safe and psychologically healthy space - don´t forget contraception and protection - this allows you to get out of your head and enter into the world of passion and spontaneity.
Letting go of control opens the doors to pleasure and moment-to-moment exploration - sensational sex every time.
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