Testimonials & Feedback of Consultations of Sexologist Christina Lindea

Sexologist Christina Lindea's (non-physician sexologist) received the best testimonials of the recent consultations:

"Pleasantly surprised to find such high level of quality in Dubai. Your rates are reasonable with the level of expertise and support you provide." Mr. P. N., 46, Business Owner, Dubai

"Very professional. All that you say makes sense. Actually, the only solution that makes sense. Thank you very much; I found a solution to my PE issue." Dr. A. A., 35, MD Pediatrics, Dubai

"Christina is a great listener. Her approach to our problem was very scientific and with good reasoning. She is a very professional and warm person and made us feel comfortable to talk openly about our issues, which makes it further easy to bring solutions and goals. She works without any medications, but very practical and easy to do body-based tools, to use by ourselves for behavior modification, and most important, it is explained in simple language." Dr. A. S., 38, Mumbai-Dubai

"We´re a married couple of 10+ years. While there has always been a lot of love between us, maintaining a satisfying sex life is something we´d never been able to manage. After many years of struggling, our issues became too much to bear, and we gave up on sex altogether - even after trying psychotherapy. 

Since completing sessions with Christina, we´re finally able to make love with each other like we´ve always wanted. Christina is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled professional. But her unique interpersonal ability and passion are what set her apart from other therapists - without her, we could not have found our way to where we always wanted to be as a couple. Thank you for your being so genuinely kind and compassionate." Ms. G. D., 35, Teacher, US, and Mr. A.D., 37, Teacher, UK

"We are happy to say that we solved our marital problem and achieved our goal in 10 days with the help of Christina's consultation. We could consummate our marriage and insert, very soon also to conceive as I got pregnant the next month. Thank you so much." Mr. S., 28, and Ms. K., 27, Students, Abu Dhabi 

"Men's sexual health issues are extremely important. The ones I experienced affected my overall happiness and mental well-being. Sadly talking about these, or even seeking help, continues to be somewhat of a taboo.

After some initial hesitation, I consulted with sexologist Christina and was immediately surprised at how open, understanding, and how willing to help she was. I felt very comfortable and able to express my anxieties, and she provided thoughtful and erudite practical approaches to finding solutions. I would recommend anyone hesitating, don't postpone but seek help you need." Mr. A. D., 41, Melbourne-Dubai

I have continued my breathing practice, and my erections have gotten more regular. For the last couple of days, I have been trying to mindfully self-pleasure, using imagination only and without videos. I have been trying to edge but failed on one occasion, but completed 21 days porn-free on Friday.

I started watching porn at the age of 11 and have been addicted to it for 22 years. However, I have tried to quit it many times because of the negative effects on relationships. Thanks to Christina, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. J., 33, Lawyer, Delhi-Dubai

"Mental health-wise, I've been doing so well. Our last session has benefitted me immensely. Ups and downs with the addiction, relapsing. But it's not affecting my mental health. I've been feeling great. For my next appointment, I'd like the energy healing again and focus on managing the addiction and dealing with the urges." A. M., 22, Abu Dhabi

"I am forever grateful that Christina helped me to see the situation from a different perspective. Now I am optimistic and feel so much lighter. I was afraid my marriage was soon over as sexual intimacy was the last thing I wanted." Ms. Mina A., 39, Dubai

"I consulted with Christina Lindea about my relationship problems. I´ve learned more in 90 minutes than I did after months of self-analysis. If you´re ever stuck in your relationship with whatever (seemingly small) matter, don´t wait and let things escalate until it´s (almost) too late, as I did. I wish I had gone three years earlier, but I´m happy Christina helped get me the insights needed to change my habits and start building better future intimate relationships.

I am happy that I finally see the underlying cause of plaguing my relationships throughout the years. I do feel relieved that this part is finally "out of my system." I am optimistic and apply what I learned in real life. And don´t worry, with Christina, you can let your guard completely down, so your ego does not block you from getting to the heart of the matter. Highly recommended, and good luck!" Mr. B. P., 35, Brussels-Dubai

"So far all good, I have been doing Stop-Start and every time it is better than the previous one. I completed one week with Kegels and the Stop-Start. I started with 3 minutes and yesterday I reached 10 minutes. See you for the follow-up appointment. Thank you." Mr. Salem A., 51, Beirut-Dubai

"Christina helped me to solve my early ejaculation problem after following her instructions a few weeks of training by myself solo. I have full control now and no more suffer fast ejaculation issues. I am very grateful, Christina. Thank you so much." Mr. A. A., 35, Engineer, Sharjah

"Thanks to you, Christina, I have positive news. I have been doing Kegel's all week, and the PE Stop-Start is going well. I went from 8 minutes to 10, 12, 15, and 16 minutes. I definitely feel progress, and I feel that I can control it. I've had conversations with my girlfriend, and she has been amazing and told me that she would help me. Because working long hours, it's been hard to do what I need to do, but trying my best and will keep it." Mr. M. H., 34, DJ, UK

"It was very nice to open up and talk about everything — more than anything; it had to come out of my system. The space was nice, the calmness was nice." Mr. M. O., 40, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"Us men have been raised to feel if something is wrong in bed, you're not a man. So it's such a sensitive topic that men prefer to suffer in silence. It took me a year and a half of misery before I reached the point of seeking help. Thank you so much for being so helpful, Christina." Mr. M. A., 42, Dubai

"These techniques for premature ejaculation work, but learning took some time. Tantra breathing boost prana flow. Now I can last longer in bed, keep going for 40 minutes at times." Mr. M. S., 45, Dubai

“I could not last longer than a few minutes, but after Christina's session within the first few days of training alone at home, I got the knack of it and reached 5 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 15 minutes. After several weeks of solo training, I can say I have full control now.

I feel pretty confident and have no issues with fast ejaculation. The worry around performance is no more, thanks to Christina. I recommend for sure." Mr. Amir A., 28,  Engineer, Sharjah

"Got my thyroid issue sorted, D vitamin, and the stop-start homework, now back 100 %. Without your help, this would not have been possible. Thank you." Mr. A. S., 45, Engineer, Dubai

"I got to learn a totally new perception of intimacy with a flavor of basic Tantra techniques. It may take a while to get through it. However, I have finally got the right direction to explore the new version of myself in delaying." Mr. T. D., 27, IT-Specialist, Dubai

"Thank you, Christina, your guidance and especially the regular pelvic bodywork helps a lot. The self-massage I do by myself makes a big difference, too. After changes in diet and exercising regularly, I am now 20 kilos less than a year ago. I got my morning wood back! Overall I feel years younger and active in every way." Mr. A. B., 49, IT Director, US-Abu Dhabi

"Thank you for the clarity on what constitutes sexual intelligence and flow. You have made irrelevant the fears and insecurities I had about myself and given myself back to me. I can´t thank you enough for your wisdom and kindness." Mr. J. P., 38, Finance Professional, Dubai

"Thank you very much for the excellent care. I am no more worried about PE." Mr. P. S., 28, Student, Dubai

"Thank you for the consultation, Christina. I really enjoyed it and your thoughtful way of looking at things." Mr. J. S., 31, London

"Talking to you about something I never discussed with anybody before made me feel so light, from something that I have been carrying for years. Thank you so much." Mr. T. S., 44, Producer, Dubai

“I’m thankful for the phone consultation, Christina. That one call gave me so much confidence and boosted my mind. I am waiting for our session and living life without stress and worries. Thank you once again, Christina, for all your support.” Mr. Samir. A., 39, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"He is the one, who is pulling me next to him, so it´s a perfect step forward from him. He is opening up slowly. I feel it. Next week is my birthday, and he has booked a hotel room for us, so I guess it will be a big change. Inshallah, I am praying. Thank you, Christina, for your help." Ms. S., 39, Cabin Crew, Cairo-Dubai

"Just wanted to tell you that the session changed everything. It helped me to get my confidence back. I stopped movies, started the healthier diet, discussed with my wife all the points, and told her that I would like it if she would initiate it. And we started to hug again and get to bed early. Now I get really firm again. I feel really good and happy." Mr. A. M., 38, Real Estate Professional, Dubai

"I am a regular meditator, and the type of meditation I do focuses on the energy centers. My purpose in seeking someone out like yourself was able to release any energetic blockages at those energy centers. Also, I am in a relationship where there is no passion and connection. I want to thank you because the session helped me to re-connect with my partner, feel deeper with my meditation and in general." Mr. Serif G., 34, Technology Professional, Washington, D.C

"It has been an amazing week. Meeting you changed me from the inside. You charged me positively with our transparent conversation. Thank you." Mr. Mo. K., 35, HR Professional, Dubai

“It feels like years of burden has been fallen off, thank you, Christina. I wish I had come to meet you earlier.” Ms. S. G., 35, UK - Sharjah

"Thank you. I found our session extremely productive and insightful and had a really good conversation with my partner afterward. A bit difficult at first, but we got a lot of clarity and understanding of the issue we have." Mr. M. C., 41, Zagreb-Dubai

"Teacher like you are like an angel, a true woman who has good intentions to help. You are a selfless lady and care about others' problems, Christina. I wish you will shine like a star." Mr. R. K., 30, Entrepreneur, Sharjah

"A lot to take in and process on my own and with my partner. I felt very relaxed and safe, and so will do a follow-up." Mr. James M., 49, Entrepreneur, London-Dubai

"I have been practicing the breathing method during lovemaking. It has really worked! The stress around it all has been removed - an incredible change. We are both very happy with how it has turned out. I can´t tell you how amazed and happy we are with the results." Mr. James M., 49, Entrepreneur, London-Dubai

"I feel more connected with my body. Thank you so much. Will definitely book another session." Ms. Maryam H., 36, Business Consultant, Dubai

"Always felt very positive and energized, very effective. I can never thank you enough." Mr. A. A., 43, HR Professional, Abu Dhabi

"After four different experts over the years, with not much help, just saw that there´s nothing wrong with me. I can´t thank you enough for all that you have done for me." Mr. L. B., 42, Director, Abu Dhabi 

"I would like to thank you again, all from your soul and from your heart. I cannot thank you enough. Hope to see you again soon." Ms. Salama M., 43, Entrepreneur, Abu Dhabi

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"You have professionally described and understood my situation. I would like to have an appointment as soon as possible." Mr. Faisal M., 39, Business Owner, Jeddah

"Thank you so much for your time, patience, and wisdom. I learned something new and will try to work on the things we talked about." Dr. A. B., 26, Abu Dhabi

"I was feeling very relaxed. These moments are immaterial for me. Their value resides in the experience, the feelings, and this is priceless." Dr. Alan S., 43, Dubai 

"I feel like I am a king again and can do anything. Oh yeah, my wife likes it so much. She wants me to show her more and make her happier." Mr. Khaled Al H., 33, GM, Abu Dhabi 

"I just wanted to extend my thanks for the healing I will not soon forget. Hopefully, we´ll be able to meet again." Mr. Alex P., 29, Writer, Dubai

"After the follow-up session, I was feeling so much better. There was very good improvement in every aspect of my life." Mr. M. S., 45, Engineer, Dubai

"Have had energy cultivation in the US, Europe, and all over, and just wanted to say, this was absolutely the best ever. It was lovely meeting you, and I really enjoyed the connection we made on the intellectual and spiritual realms. It was an honor to meet, and I feel inspired. I look forward to our paths crossing again!" Mr. K. A., 46, Lawyer, US