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Do you wish, you could slow down, if even just for a moment, and deal with stress in natural and healthy ways? Are you tired of coming up with excuses to avoid intimacy, because you experience lack of desire or cannot enjoy?

Are you looking for a client-centered holistic approach to sexual health and well-being?

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Do you wish to boost immune system, manage stress and melt away tension via wellness balancing? Are you looking for cultivation of flow? Restore function?

Are you looking for authentic modalities for self-care to prevent premature aging? Individual meditation and mindfulness-based practices to enhance intimacy in your couple?

Manage sexual challenges and awaken your sensual self via somatic sexuality coaching, facilitated by your Scandinavian trained specialist, a certified holistic sexologist Christina Lindea. Find out more on LinkedIn:

We actually need to learn and be guided, in order to have positive and respectful approach to sexuality and intimacy, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safer experiences. 

Satisfaction and being sexually intelligent does not depend on aspects like physical appearance or seduction skills. Everyone can develop abilities to enjoy fulfilling intimacy.

My role is to bring attention to your current situation, so that you can meet your goals. The best sexual wellness coaching consultation is solution-focused, but not long-term therapy, because results can often be achieved quickly.

As a professional practitioner, I know my boundaries, and will not hesitate to refer you to other types of specialists care, such as psychologists, gynecologists and anti-aging specialists when it is prudent to do so.

For the best men´s sexual healthcare, medical sexual dysfunction treatments for men, urology and andrology in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, please schedule with Italian trained Dr. Marco Raber (Italian Medical Board) in Dubai, view for any further details and schedule an appointment with him.

Reasons Why Women and Men are Contacting a Holistic Sexologist 

Common reasons why men, women and couples are contacting are various: to clear energetic blockages and symptoms of stress. By reducing anxiety and improving the quality of sleep, you support your body to produce more of its own hormones to keep you vital, alert and thriving at any age.

Wanting to prevent PE, ED and prostate conditions. To improve intimate function by strengthening the male PC muscle for stronger stamina. Ultimately to learn the secret to non-stop energy flow as long as wanted (Stop-Start pelvic floor exercise method).

Some book to manage sexual challenges and experiences of frustration (PE, DE, ED, RPS) via professional, evidence based behavioral change coaching methods. 

Also to process changes in arousal and desire, decreased interest, out of control behavior, performance anxiety, self-esteem, shame, guilt, body image, inhibitions, insecurities, fantasies, aging, consensual non-monogamy, pre-marital and commitment preparation concerns.

To overcome sexual dissatisfaction and unfulfillment (loss of intimacy, skill, repertoire, compatibility, boundary concerns) and conflict avoidance in a couple

Some don´t have a partner who meet their intimate needs, or even understand how to do so, and feel unloved, unsupported and unappreciated. Some wish to learn how to effectively speak up for themselves to communicate their needs.

Wanting to de-stress, or spice up life and adventure into the world of exciting variety of mindfulness-based wellness balancing, self-discovery and self-care. To boost self-confidence, vitality and immune system in natural and healthy ways.

Wanting to learn to unlock ones bliss potential by awakening and strengthening your (chi, prana, kundalini) energy, expanding and circulating it throughout the whole body for extended joy, that may last forever. 

Deepen Tantra Prana energy cultivation practices, to explore ways to reconnect with your inner-self, for personal development and sacred cosmic awakening.

Some are looking for self-discovery, to awaken ones sensual self for mapping the anatomy of sensitivity (Sensate Focus). A wonderful way to bring awareness to bodily sensations, and observe repressions, desires, feelings, fears, habits, taboos, in a process of purification for greater awareness, via professional somatic modalities of accurate body awareness techniques

Sexual dissatisfaction or dysfunction is the result of one or more of the following conditions: 

1) Lack of knowledge of one´s own body, especially genitalia. 

2) Lack of knowledge of how to experience and share sexual pleasure - if one chooses to do so. 

3) Guilt and shame about one´s body, feelings, thoughts and one´s sexual activity often have their roots in one´s upbringing. 

4) ED, PE, intimacy anxiety, arousal and orgasm issues can also be used as an arena, in which a couple choose - usually subconsciously - to work out their power or other issues.

Sexual response or the lack of it, can be a barometer of the health of the entire relationship. Both of these issues, if present, would be addressed as part of one´s coaching program.

Women are often mistakenly treated as sexually disordered, because they have marital tensions, even if they are personally well adjusted to their intimate response. While being conditioned to be conservative about desire, sometimes women are also taught, that their bodies should be available for the pleasure of men.

Qualifications and Skills of Your Scandinavian Certified Sexologist

A pioneering Scandinavian certified female sexologist (non-physician) with 22 years of experience, based in Dubai. 

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile:

Book your very own signature session with your certified, female advocate for holistic and sacred sexual intelligence and empowerment, a licensed professional coach consultant mentor, initiated to ancient Tantra science. Please call 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857 to meet personally with practitioner Christina.


Please view for any further details and for appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

Sexual wellness, relationship coach consultant and mentor Christina is an inspiring Tantra Master and leading Tantra authority. Experience genuine and skilled mindfulness-based behavioral modification coaching, integrated to scientific western sexological approach with teachings of Tantra.

Sexuality Coaching covers concerns related to sexuality and sex. It combines the knowledge of clinical sexology, with the techniques of wellness coaching for a truly unique approach to move toward optimal vitality. 

Based on behavioral coaching techniques and Tantra, certified Sexological Bodywork and combines scientific, experiential body-based approach with talk methods, and holistic principles in its application.

The discipline of Tantra is a universal, mindfulness based, timeless yogic system of connection with your real self. 

The bodywork aspects of Tantra; Authentic Tantra Massage in its modern form, is about cultivating of being present, receptive and circulating human bioelectricity (chi-prana) in the body. Being embodied and connected to bodily sensations, instead of goal oriented action.

Christina´s founded method, a holistic self-discovery modality, bring change through mindfulness-based somatic approach. 

The Diamond Life Secrets©, an introductory process for Tantra beginners, was created after years of professional development, trainings, private tutorials and initiations (since 1997), with Osho (Osho Multiversity), Margot Anand (SkyDancing Tantra), Radha (Tantralife), Niv Farrow (AcuEnergetics), S. Liebermeister (counseling skills training) and Agama Yoga, to name few. 

Meeting with Christina is culturally aware, positive, and non-judgmental space, based on her experience on working with people from variety of origins, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Christina is also a gifted practitioner of evidence based self-care and wellness balancing modalities: Therapeutic Touch (TT), Acupoints Bioenergetics, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Chi - Prana - Kundalini Activation - Circulation methods, based on a detailed understanding of the energetic anatomy of the human body.

Meet with the formally trained specialist (PLISSIT, MEBES, REASSURE models) with an open heart, without preconceived ideas. Her guidance can be a catalyst for profound personal discovery.

What to Expect at The First Appointment? 

Please text or call a short call, to share your concerns, and I will let you know, if it is something, that I can help with. This does not mean having a consultation, but to discuss about logistics etc. You can also ask, how you can get most from your appointment and typically ask the next available time for your first face-to-face appointment or phone consultation.. 

Please call 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857 to book an appointment with practitioner Christina Lindea, e-mail at or use the Contact Form in the end of the page.

Please view for any further details and for appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

Weather you are stressed out, anxious and tired, or stuck at a love-life low point and looking to add more spice to your life, enhance health and wellness, I will come to your rescue with these evidence based modalities, to boost energy flow, immune system, wellbeing and self-confidence in natural and healthy ways.

You will feel accepted, without blame or judgment, so that you can talk about the things, that are also hard to talk about. You can let down your guard, you are safe, the sessions are confidential. 

Promoting sexual health and wellbeing has sometimes been misunderstood, because there is no clear understanding, what such specialists do: but a certified practitioner is always working at the level of your comfort and personal boundaries. 

Specially within the boundaries of professionalism, including a comfortable treatment table when needed, mask and gloves (PPE), with the approach based on scientific behavioral modification techniques on coaching methods.

Each session is unique and informed by your history and goals. Weather it is to overcome sexual dissatisfaction or experiences of frustrations and to learn to speak up and communicate with your partner.

Or to clear energy blocks and manage PE and ED. Or to improve function by strengthening the PC muscle for ultimate control, for longer and stronger stamina. To learn the secret to non-stop flow, as long as you like (Stop-Start method).

Or maybe you would like to learn to unlock your bliss potential by awakening your chi - prana - kundalini energy, for a mind-blowing cosmic awakening. 

You can expect clear intention of mindfulness-based cultivation of function and energy.

You can also expect breath, movement and variety of somatic behavioral change coaching techniques, body sensations cultivation modalities along Bioenergetics wellness balancing, based on your addressed concerns.

You can also expect body sensations coaching for your personal home assignments (Kegel Exercise and Stop-Start Method to name few), something for you to explore at home in privacy (solo or within a couple), that will keep the process alive between the appointments. On next session, I will ask about your experiences and concerns, and how you would like to take it from there.

You can expect energy cultivation to bring awareness and support about the awakening and strengthening of your vital (qi, chi, kundalini, prana) energy and intimate function. A moment for quiet reflection and integration.

Energy cultivation and Sexological Bodywork behavioral change coaching methods are powerful, evidence based modalities to bring nourishment through conscious and trained hands-on experiencing (PLISSIT, MEBES, REASSURE models).

Testimonials & Feedback of Specialist Sessions of practitioner Christina Lindea 

"Pleasantly surprised to find such high level of quality in Dubai. Your rates are reasonable with the level of expertise and support you provide. Will next come with my wife." Mr. Prabhakar N., 46, Business Owner, Dubai

"Thank you for the clarity on what constitutes sexual intelligence and flow. You have made irrelevant the fears and insecurities I had about myself, and given myself back to me. I can´t thank you enough for your wisdom and kindness." Mr. J. P., 38, Finance Professional, Dubai

"Thank you very much for the amazing care, I am no more worried about PE." Mr. P. S., 28, Student, Dubai

"Just wanted to tell you, that the session changed everything. It helped me to get my confidence back. I stopped movies, started healthier diet, discussed with wife all the points, and told her, that I would like if she would initiate it. And we started to hug again and get bed early. Now I get really strong again. I feel really good and happy." Mr. Amir M., 38, Real Estate Professional, Dubai

"I am a regular meditator and the type of meditation I do, focuses on the energy centers. My purpose to seek someone out like yourself, was to be able to release any energetic blockages at those energy centers. Also I am in a relationship where there is no passion and connection. I want to thank you, because the session helped me to re-connect with my partner, feel deeper with my meditation and in general." Mr. Serif G., 34, Technology Professional, Washington, D.C

"It has been an amazing week, meeting you changed me from inside, you charged me positively with our transparent conversation. Thank you." Mr. Mo. K., 35, HR Professional, Dubai

"In my first session, energy rushed very strongly through my whole body. Now on my second, the flow was much more gentle. Will definitely meet with you again." Mr. Ahmed H., 30, Lawyer, Kuwait

"Teacher like you, are like an angel, a true woman who have good intentions to help. You are a selfless lady and caring about others problems, Christina. I wish you will shine like a star." Mr. Rehan K., 30, Entrepreneur, Sharjah

"A lot to take in and process on my own and with my partner. I felt very relaxed and safe with you, and so will do a follow up, when I feel the time right." Mr. James M., 49, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"Since our session, I have been practicing the breathing method during lovemaking. It has really worked! The stress around it all, has been removed - an incredible change. We are both very happy, how it has turned out. I can´t tell you, how amazed and happy we are with the results." Mr. James M., 49, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"I feel more connected with my body. Thank you so much. Will definitely book another session." Ms. Maryam H., 36, Business Consultant, Dubai

"Always felt very positive and energized after my sessions. They have been very effective. I can never thank you enough for that." Mr. Adil A., 43, HR Professional, Abu Dhabi

"After four different experts over the years, with not much help, just saw that there´s nothing wrong with me. I can´t thank you enough for all that you have done for me." Mr. Lucas B., 42, Director, Abu Dhabi

"I would like to thank you again. All from your soul and from your heart. I cannot thank you enough. Hope to see you again soon." Ms. Salama M., 43, Entrepreneur, Abu Dhabi

"I have had tantra massage and tantric massage before, but this prana circulation is from another world." Mr. Muhammed H., 36, Banker, Dubai

"You are amazing. You have professionally described and understood my situation, really. I would like to have an appointment as soon as possible." Mr. Faisal M., 39, Business Owner, Jeddah

Please view for any further details and for appointments with practitioner Christina Lindea in Dubai, the UAE.

"Thank you so much for your time, patience and wisdom. I learned something new, and will try to work on the things we talked about." Dr. A. B., 26, Abu Dhabi

"Unbelievable, fantastic." Mr. Lucas C., 50, Investor, London

"This was the most amazing treatment, this was absolutely the best." Mr. Sultan M., Entrepreneur, 33, Oman

"I was feeling very relaxed. These moments are immaterial for me. Their value resides in the experience, the feelings and this is priceless." Dr. Alan S., 43, Dubai

"I feel like I am a king again and can do anything. Oh yeah, my wife liked it so much. She wants me to show her more and make her happier." Mr. Khaled Al H., 33, GM, Abu Dhabi

"I just wanted to extend my thanks for the unique healing experience, I will not soon forget. Hopefully we´ll be able to meet again." Mr. Alex P., 29, Writer, Dubai

"We are happy to say, that we solved our issue and achieved our goal with the help of your coaching. Thank you." Mr. S., 28, and Ms. K., 27, Students, Abu Dhabi

"After the follow-up session I was feeling so much better. There was very good improvement in every aspect of my life." Mr. Manoj S., 45, Engineer, Dubai

"Have had tantra cultivation in the US, Europe and all over, and just wanted to say, this session was absolutely the best. It was lovely meeting you, and I really enjoyed the connection we made, on the intellectual and spiritual realms. It was honor to meet and I feel inspired. I look forward to our paths crossing again!" Mr. Khalfan A., 46, Lawyer, US

Code of Conduct and Ethics - Professional and Clear Boundaries

Disclaimer 1: The practitioner is working within professional and clear boundaries, including privacy and confidentiality. 

The practitioner is working at the level of your comfort, in professional settings, including a comfortable treatment table when needed, mask and gloves (PPE), with the intention of behavioral modification body coaching and mindfulness-based self-discovery via conscious circulation of prana in the body.

Clear boundaries keep yourself safer emotionally and physically. Talking about sexuality, is not the same as engaging in it.

Cultivating sexual intelligence, helps men, women and couples access accurate information and make informed choices, before engaging in intimacy with their beloved - if they choose to, and lead to better intimate life and deeper connections, in creating sacred space to explore and experiment safely. 

Disclaimer 2: Your use of this website indicates your understanding the following: The information and resources contained on this website, are for informational purposes only, and are NOT intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical and, or mental health disease or condition.

Disclaimer 3: Offered modalities are NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. 

Disclaimer 4: Diamond Life Secrets© modalities are created, founded and owned by practitioner Christina Lindea.

Image-4jpegEnd Premature Ejaculation & Dysfunction for Good

Q: Can you help me to overcome PE and ED both?

A: Regardless of the primary causes, both premature and delayed ejaculation (PE, DE) and erectile dissatisfaction and dysfunction (ED) are also caused by psychosexual factors - particularly performance anxiety, which most of the cases can be successfully managed via Sexual and Relationship Coaching and Sexological Bodywork.

As a somatic sexologist, I am a certified specialist in managing safe, non-medical, evidence based modalities in premature ejaculation (PE), delayed ejaculation (DE) and dysfunction (ED) management in Dubai, the UAE. Book a session as a stand-alone care, or as an additional help, alongside your premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction medical treatment.

Please call 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857 to book an appointment with practitioner Christina Lindea, e-mail at or use the Contact Form in the end of the page.

Please view for any further details and for appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

Have a look at the pace.
Are you mainly focusing on the act? Do you expect to be hard enough after just few minutes of foreplay? Do you share deep enough intimacy and connection with your partner?

Studies have shown, that moving from rushed intimacy to slower, playful loving (Tantra way) does not only promote the needed relaxed arousal, but also satisfaction and fulfillment in a couple.

More importantly, you must be willing to look, what is going on between the two of you. Are you connecting in general? Satisfied with the frequency? Pleased of what you are doing? In fact, when your partner gets satisfied without engaging your erection, your partner is unlikely to complain over your stamina.

When a couple make love less than a few times a month, you are guaranteed to have an anxiety laden experience! At least you should spend time on hugging, laying in bed spooning and holding each other for some "cuddle hormone", for not moving too far away from intimacy and touch.

Controlling and delaying ejaculation is something you have to learn, just as you had to learn to control your bladder as a child.

Both male sexual dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) scientific research have found Male Pelvic Bodywork, Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT), Mind Body Medicine modalities and body sensations cultivation coaching (Stop-Start Method, based on yogic pelvic floor practices of vajroli mudra), along behavioral modification coaching modalities, generally help to manage both acquired PE and psychogenic ED aspects naturally, resulting improved stamina, increased blood flow and enhanced sexual energy and function. 

My goal is to help you train your body away from fast discharge, to relax and build tolerance to delay ejaculation via health practices that combine mental focus, controlled breathing, and body movements to help relax the body and mind. Mind Body techniques are also used also to help control anxiety, stress and for overall health.

However, it is important to remember that there can be many factors, that contribute to dysfunction (ED) and premature and delayed ejaculation (PE, DE).

Some of the most common causes are; overall stress, low-quality encounter, the partners sexual dysfunction (lack of desire and arousal), anxiety about body image and size, pull-out method of contraception, condom-associated problems (CAEP), relationship stress when trying to conceive, family bed practice, depression and use of adult entertainment (prn-induced ED), to name few.

Viewing such movies rewires the brain and in turn, has a huge effect on the ability to get aroused. These men had simply conditioned their sexual response to constant novelty, shock and surprise.

However much depend on how a man uses such content, the type of content he consumes, and the effect their use has on their relationship and life. Anyway adult content can have benefits, although people should be aware of some potential risks.

When intimacy and pleasure are replaced with feelings of incompetence and shame, negative and stressful feelings spontaneously arise before intimate contact, and significantly increase the risk of erectile loss. When a man is highly stressed during intimacy, it is almost impossible for him to attain and maintain an erection.

There are few signs to look for which might suggest that your erectile dysfunction is not a medical issue:
A) Are you interested in intimacy and attracted to your partner, but have trouble performing?
B) Do you experience morning erections?
C) Are you able to achieve erection by touching yourself?
D) Are you under a lot of stress or experience anxiety?
E) Do you get nervous about pleasing your partner?

Medical factors, that contribute to dysfunctions are: the use of anabolic steroids, diabetes, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, thyroid and prostate conditions, smoking, alcohol consumption, sleep apnea, low serotonin levels, side effects of medications, injuries to lower body as well as medical procedures.

However, sexual issues can be easily treated today, as long as one asks for help early. Psychosexual coaching and behavior modification alone (accurate, specific and practical information over functioning and energy, techniques and effective communication skills), or in combination with medication for some period of time, can solve the problem.

It is important to remember, that medications do NOT actually induce erection, but they rather facilitate men to achieve and maintain it.

Work in this area requires proper training, clear understanding of the relevant anatomy and respect for professional and personal boundaries.

As said, modalities and coaching offered by practitioner Christina Lindea are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

For men´s sexual healthcare, medical treatments, urology and andrology, please schedule with Italian trained Dr. Marco Raber (Italian Medical Board) in Dubai, view for any further details and to schedule an appointment with him.


Overcome Pelvic Tension and Insomnia - Experience Smooth Flow of Energy

Our stress sometimes show up as tension and energetic blockages in the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor is an essential part of our core musculature and is integral to movement, support and respiration. This area is rich in nerve endings, and can be a source of much pleasure or pain.  

Wellness balancing techniques and pelvic bodywork works well for the emotional and energetic aspects: stress, low libido, lack of motivation and confidence, feeling of being stuck, depression, anger, fear, guilt, shame, insomnia, relationship breakup and menopause (andropause). Along with sexological exercises for the pelvis awareness aspect (Kegel exercises) and for stamina (Stop-Start Method) for improved energy flow and function.

Clearing up energetic blockages and tension in the body-mind, is one of the best ways to manage stress for optimal health and improved libido.

Esoteric traditions view the pelvic floor as a energy centre and teach methods of accessing, expanding and channeling energy (qi, chi, prana, kundalini) through awareness, intention and physical contraction and relaxation of the muscles. The first so called energy centre is located in the pelvic floor. 

Unrestricted and smooth flow of this vital energy (electromagnetism in western medicine) is necessary for overall health and vitality.

The same energy is a key underlying principle also in martial arts practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi and Aikido.

For caring pelvic floor, energy cultivation modalities and functional exercises are powerful and safe, non-medical modalities, especially for the PE and ED aspect.

Protect Your Potency and Prevent Dysfunctions

It is normal to occasionally have trouble on getting or keeping an erection. However, if you frequently have difficulty getting or maintaining it, you might have ED. It is important to seek help, because erection dissatisfaction can affect your self-confidence and make you avoid intimacy.

Pelvic Floor Exercises are very powerful specially for men. By working the pelvic floor muscles, you do not only strengthen the muscles for harder erections, but also improve the blood flow and reduce dysfunction (ED).

Before you start doing pelvic floor exercises, you must locate the correct muscles and understand the proper technique. I can help you with this.

In men, Kegel Exercises are recommended for clearing pelvic muscle spasm, early prostate conditions and both premature ejaculation (PE) and dissatisfaction and dysfunction (ED).

Regular Kegel Exercises are an easy way to improve sexual function. Pelvic floor exercises can, over the course of months, also help to restore natural erections.

Stronger PC muscles: new depths of pleasure with stamina, intense full body experience instead of quick release. Improved blood circulation for hardness and ultimate control as long as you like.

Would you like to book an appointment to learn how to do the Kegel Exercises? Once you have learned to do Kegels correctly, you can do the exercise anytime and anywhere on your own.

Please call 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857 to book an appointment with practitioner Christina Lindea, e-mail at or use the Contact Form in the end of the page.

Please view for any further details and for appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

Book Now: Booking Details - Fees and Modalities

Please observe, that appointments are for those sincere seekers of self-discovery and self-care via personal consultation. 

If they choose to, also scientific and specific mindfulness-based body-mind sensations experiencing and coaching (somatic) particularly.

Appointments are available on same day notice, however, minimum of 3 - 6 hours notice upon availability. Please book your appointment few days in advance to avoid disappointment.

Appointments are generally scheduled Sunday through Thursday between 10 am to 7 pm. Availability on weekends, Friday and Saturday is between 12 noon to 7 pm.

When you are ready to schedule an appointment, please let me know your name, gender, age and private contact mobile number. Let me also know, that you are aware of the rates and if there is something, that I should know before the appointment, as it is tailored to your addressed concerns.

Please book via call 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857, e-mail at or by the Contact Form in the end of the main page.

Appointments are available at my office in Dubai, Jumeirah for both individuals and couples.

Bookings to deal with long time accumulated stress and complete solutions to overcome specific concerns ideally lasts for 2 - 3,5 hours.

No I offer negotiated pre-paid rates for those, who want ongoing sessions.

Verbal Coaching and Practical Advice Consultation

A 90 minutes Face-to-Face Appointment includes:

Verbal methods Personal holistic sexual health, wellness and relationship coaching and solution oriented, practical advanced advice consultation on your addressed concerns. Individual meditation and mindfulness-based practices, daily self-care routine suggestions and follow-up support by e-mail or by phone.
Price: The initial first, follow-up and regular appointments of 1,5 hours 1000 AED for an individual or a couple. Ongoing prepaid appointments: The initial first appointment of 1,5 hours and four (4) appointments of 1,5 hours 3800 AED. The initial first appointment of 1,5 hours and two (2) appointments of 1,5 hours 2800 AED.

30-Minute Q & A and 45 minutes Telephone Consultations includes:

Verbal methods Personal holistic sexual health, wellness and relationship coaching and solution oriented, practical advanced advice consultation on your addressed concerns. Individual meditation and mindfulness-based practices, daily self-care routine suggestions and follow-up support by online e-mail or by phone.
Price: The initial first, follow-up and regular telephone consultations of 30 minutes 600 AED and 45 minutes 850 AED only.

Body Coaching and Bodywork

60, 90 and 180 minutes Holistic Solutions to Manage and Overcome Challenges (PE, ED, FSD, Performance and Intimacy Anxiety, Libido concerns etc.) 

Hands-on methods Based on behavioral body coaching techniques, Sexological Bodywork combines scientific and specific body-based information on functioning and energy. Tailored to your addressed concerns, body sensations coaching modalities and functional exercises (Stop-Start Method, Kegel Exercises, Sensate Focus etc.) are powerful and safe, non-medical modalities for overall sexual function but specially on pelvic wellness, stamina and energy flow. Tailored wellness balancing techniques: Therapeutic Touch (TT), Acupoints Bioenergetics, Reiki and Chakra Balancing.
Verbal methods
Personal holistic relationship, sexual behavior modification and effective communication skills coaching, along solution oriented, practical advanced advice consultation on your addressed concerns. Individual meditation and mindfulness-based practices, daily self-care routine suggestions and follow-up support by e-mail or by phone.
Price Follow-up and regular appointments of unhurried one hour 2800 AED. The initial first appointment of 1,5 - 2 hours (recommended) 3800 AED and 3 - 3,5 hours 5500 AED.

Boost Flow & Function with Tantra Prana

60, 90 and 180 minutes Ultimate Immune Boosting support to your Immune System help keep your Body Strong: Manage Stress, Restore Function and Prevent Premature Aging

Hands-on methods Mixture of Energy Cultivation and Sacred Bodywork: Packed with prana, this combination is bio-energy dense and enjoyable process on clearing up energetic and emotional blockages, focusing on body sensations and energy flow via breath, movement and body awareness techniques. Tailored Tantra - Prana awakening, cultivation and wellness balancing techniques for improved libido: Therapeutic Touch (TT), Acupoints Bioenergetics, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Chi - Prana - Kundalini Activation - Circulation.
Verbal methods
Personal coaching on stress management and practical advanced advice consultation on sacred cosmic awakening, sexual intelligence and empowerment. Individual meditation and mindfulness-based practices along daily self-care routine suggestions to help prevent premature aging. Follow-up support by e-mail or by phone.
Price Follow-up and regular appointments of unhurried one hour 2800 AED. The initial first appointment of 1,5 - 2 hours (recommended) 3800 AED and 3 - 3,5 hours 5500 AED.

Also Sliding Scale Fee Program Appointments, Intensives and Workshops for Men and Women.

Please ask your possibility to apply for the Sliding Scale Fee Program, to have your appointment at a discounted rate. The fee that you pay, can "slide" up or down based on your ability to pay.

I accept cash and credit cards Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard for payment. The payment is processed before or in the beginning of your appointment.

Cancellation policy: Appointments missed or cancelled less than 24 hours, will incur 50 % of the value of the appointment charge. Exception to this policy may be made for emergency situations on a case-by-case basis.

Workshops: Do you have an event or group that will benefit from receiving accurate sexual health information? Are you looking for entertaining and practical advanced advice presentation that is unique? Adding spice to any event and leaves the audience with a newfound exuberance and zest for life? Sexual health is a topic rarely addressed, that needs to be brought to the public in a non-judgmental and positive, but sophisticated way. I have list of topics available for you to choose from, or I am happy to address your groups specific area of interest.

Privacy notice: All data is strictly confidential. Privacy guaranteed. You communicate with practitioner Christina Lindea only.