The UAE's Leading Sexologist Christina Lindea | Board Certified Sexologist (NACS) Dubai | Sexuality Coach Consultant Mentor

Do you worry about your ability to experience arousal or maintain the feeling? 

Are you having trouble remembering your sensual side as a couple?

Do you sometimes feel that your sexual thoughts and behaviors are "out of control"?

Are you looking for the best sexuality expert near Jumeirah, seeking expert psychosexual solutions and instant support to solve relationship problems?

Do you ever wonder if you are sexually “normal?”

Are you tired of coming up with excuses to avoid intimacy because you experience discomfort, pain, lack of desire or cannot enjoy

Are you wondering if good sex therapy or seeing a sexuality therapist might improve your sexual and love life

Would like to enhance physical and emotional intimacy with your partner?

Are you wondering how to see a top Dubai sexologist sensitive to your privacy, and be able to speak privately without distractions?

Are you looking for lasting solutions to enhance your sensual and love life because sexual enhancement shots, fillers, and operations did not bring pleasure and satisfaction?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, seeing sexologist Christina Lindea maybe your best option.

Expert professional sexual enhancement and psychosexual help are now available near you in Dubai, the UAE, 2021. 

The best couples' psychosexual marriage specialists relationship coaching in Dubai goes beyond marriage counseling, couples therapy, and relationship counseling with a sexual relationship experts offered sexual therapy because of faster good results.

Please view for any further details for appointments with Board Certified Specialist Sexologist (NACS) Christina Lindea (non-physician) in Dubai at her office in Jumeirah Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. 

Types of sessions:
Option 1: Verbal methods; verbal coaching consultation only
Option 2: Verbal coaching consultation AND scientific somatics.

Somatics are mindfulness-based modalities with breath and body sensing. They are body-oriented behavioral change and management techniques with talk methods. They are used to unlearn negative habits, behaviors, and attitudes that no longer serve you. 

If you desire and appropriate for the work, we may do somatics and some gentle bodywork. These sessions can be done while lying on a treatment-type table, maybe even still in your chair. You remain clothed. 

Please note that I do not work intimately or sexually with clients. There is never nudity or sexual behavior in a session.

Offered modalities are NOT a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Contact to schedule a consultation with UAE's leading sexologist, female sexologist Christina Lindea at her Jumeirah office. Please ask for location map address. 

Please find out the rates, prices at and availability in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, from her blog. 

Please call your free advice contact number +971 04 344 1901 of a leading female sexologist in the United Arab Emirates. Find out what to expect at the first consultation with the love and intimacy expert Christina Lindea at her office in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Are you looking for sex therapy or a sexuality therapist near Dubai? A female-friendly board-certified female expert with a holistic approach beyond the medical model of the sexual problems in women?

Or to eliminate stress-related premature ejaculation (PE), erectile dysfunction (ED), and performance anxiety beyond meds, sex therapy counseling in Dubai, UAE near me.

Contact to consult Christina Lindea and call to book your appointment today.

For more information, please contact via call 04 344 1901, or send a WhatsApp message or call phone number +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857, e-mail at or use the Contact Form at the end of the page.

Do you wish to overcome relationship stress and prevent premature aging? Manage sexual challenges such as female sexual pain by evidence-based sexological approach? Please schedule an appointment with your Scandinavian trained specialist, a holistic specialist sexologist Christina Lindea, based near me in Dubai. Find out more on LinkedIn:

Sexologist Christina Lindea collaborates with Dubai based top specialist urologist and andrologist Dr. Marco Raber on a game-changing integrative approach to sexual difficulties and treatment solution consultations in Dubai, the UAE. If you are looking for the best therapy for ED, a sex therapist in Abu Dhabi or a urologist doctor for erectile dysfunction (ED) sexual therapy in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, please view a short video .

Satisfaction and being sexually intelligent and empowered does not depend on aspects like physical appearance or seduction skills. Everyone can develop abilities to enjoy fulfilling intimacy.

We need guidance to have a positive, equal, consenting, and respectful approach to sexuality and intimacy and the possibility of having pleasurable and safer experiences. 

As a professional practitioner, as a sexologist in Dubai, I know my boundaries. I will not hesitate to refer you to other types of female specialists care in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, such as gynecologists, psychologists, psychotherapists in Dubai, the best couples relationship and sex therapists for sexual intimacy, and marriage counseling in the UAE. 

Psychosexual counselor therapists consult on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation therapeutic treatments around Dubai and top anti-aging doctor specialists clinics when it is prudent to do so.

Christina Lindea works closely with Dubai's leading holistic counseling center LifeWorks in Dubai, Umm Suqeim 2. Discover recommended, experienced psychologists and psychiatrist's holistic and integrative healing approach to couples concerns and relationship problems.

For the best men´s sexual healthcare consultations in the UAE, medical sexual dysfunction treatments for men, urology, and andrology in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, please schedule with Italian-trained Dr. Marco Raber (Italian Medical Board) in Dubai. 

Please view for more information. Feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marco Raber at the Mediclinic clinic at Dubai Mall or Knowledge Village. 

Sexologist Christina Lindea is also referring to non-physician and physician sexologists in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, the best sexologists, mostly female online sexologists in Jeddah, sexologists in Riyadh, sexologists in Dammam, holistic sexologists in Kuwait, sexologists around Doha, sexologists nearby Manama and Muscat.

close-up-man-embracing-her-girlfriendjpgTestimonials & Feedback of Consultations of Sexologist Christina Lindea

Sexologist Christina Lindea's received the best testimonials of the recent appointments are at the blog:

"Pleasantly surprised to find such high level of quality in Dubai. Your rates are reasonable with the level of expertise and support you provide." Mr. Prabhakar N., 46, Business Owner, Dubai

"We´re a married couple of 10+ years. While there has always been a lot of love between us, maintaining a satisfying sex life is something, we´d never been able to manage. After many years of struggling, our issues became too much to bear, and we gave up on sex altogether - even after trying psychotherapy. Since completing sessions with Christina, we´re finally able to make love with each other like we´ve always wanted. Christina is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled professional. But her unique interpersonal ability and passion are what sets her apart from other therapists - without her, we could not have found our way to where we always wanted to be as a couple. Thank you for your being so genuinely kind and compassionate." Ms. G. D., 35, Teacher, US and Mr. A.D., 37, Teacher, UK

"These techniques for PE works, but learning took some time. Tantra breathing boost prana flow. Now I can last longer in bed, keep going for 40 minutes at times." Mr. M. S., 45, Business Analyst, Dubai

"Got my thyroid issue sorted, D-vitamin and the stop-start homework, now back 100 %. Without Christina's help this would not have been possible. Thank you." Mr. A. S., 45, Engineer, Dubai

"Thank you for the clarity on what constitutes sexual intelligence and flow. You have made irrelevant the fears and insecurities I had about myself and given myself back to me. I can´t thank you enough for your wisdom and kindness." Mr. J. P., 38, Finance Professional, Dubai

"Very professional. All that you say makes sense. The only solution that makes sense. Thank you very much, I found a solution to my PE issue." Dr. A. A., 35, MD Pediatrics, Dubai

"I consulted with Christina Lindea about my relationship problems. I´ve learned more in 90 minutes than I did after months of self-analysis. If you´re ever stuck in your relationship with whatever (seemingly small) matter, don´t wait and let things escalate until it´s (almost) too late, like I did. I wish I went three years earlier, but I´m happy Christina helped get me the insights needed to change my habits and start building better future intimate relationships. 

I am happy that I finally see the underlying cause of what has been plaguing my relationships throughout the years. I do feel relieved that this part is finally "out of my system". I am optimistic and taking what I learned and apply it in real life. And don´t worry, with Christina, you can let your guard completely down, so your ego does not block you from getting to the heart of the matter. Highly recommended, and good luck!" Mr. B. P., 35, Brussels-Dubai

"Thanks, mam, for phone consult and talking, I feel relaxed like never before." Mr. Anoop. S., 26, Sales Executive, Al Ain

"Thank you very much for the amazing care. I am no more worried about PE." Mr. P. S., 28, Student, Dubai

"Christina is a great listener. Her approach to our problem was very scientific and with good reasoning. She is very professional and warm person, and made us feel comfortable to talk openly about our issues, which makes it further easy to bring solutions and goals. She works without any medications, but very practical and easy to do body-based tools, to use by ourselves for behavior modification, and most important, it is explained in simple language." Dr. A. S., 38, Mumbai-Dubai

"Talking to you about something I never discussed with anybody before made me feel so light, from something that I have been carrying for years. Thank you so much." Mr. Tarek. S., 44, Producer, Dubai

"He is the one, who is pulling me next to him, so it´s a very good step forward from him. He is opening up slowly. I feel it. Next week is my birthday, and he has booked a hotel room for us, so I guess it will be a big change, Inshallah, I am praying. Thank you, Christina, for your help." Ms. S. S., 39, Cabin Crew, Dubai

"Just wanted to tell you that the session changed everything. It helped me to get my confidence back. I stopped movies, started healthier diet, discussed with wife all the points, and told her that I would like it if she would initiate it. And we started to hug again and get to bed early. Now I get really firm again. I feel really good and happy." Mr. Amir M., 38, Real Estate Professional, Dubai

"I am a regular meditator, and the type of meditation I do focuses on the energy centers. My purpose to seek someone out like yourself was to be able to release any energetic blockages at those energy centers. Also, I am in a relationship where there is no passion and connection. I want to thank you because the session helped me to reconnect with my partner, feel deeper with my meditation and in general." Mr. Serif G., 34, Technology Professional, Washington, D.C

"It has been an amazing week. Meeting you changed me from the inside. You charged me positively with our transparent conversation. Thank you." Mr. Mo. K., 35, HR Professional, Dubai

"I am very grateful. So lovely I met you." Ms. M. T., 32, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"Thank you. I found the session extremely productive and insightful and had a really good conversation with my partner afterward. A bit difficult at first, but we got a lot of clarity and understanding of the issue we have." Mr. V. C., 41, Business Consultant, Zagreb-Dubai

"In my first session, energy rushed very strongly through my whole body. Now on my second, the flow was much more gentle. Will meet with you again." Mr. Ahmed H., 30, Lawyer, Kuwait

"Teacher like you are like an angel, a true woman who has good intentions to help. You are a selfless lady and care about other's problems, Christina. I wish you will shine like a star." Mr. Rehan K., 30, Entrepreneur, Sharjah

"A lot to take in and process on my own and with my partner. I felt very relaxed and safe with you, and so will do a follow up when I feel the time right." Mr. James M., 49, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"Since our session, I have been practicing the breathing method during lovemaking. It has worked! The stress around it all has been removed - an incredible change. We are both very happy, how it has turned out. I can´t tell you how amazed and happy we are with the results." Mr. James M., 49, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"I feel more connected with my body. Thank you so much. Will book another session." Ms. Maryam H., 36, Business Consultant, Dubai

"Always felt very positive and energized after my sessions. They have been very effective. I can never thank you enough." Mr. Adil A., 43, HR Professional, Abu Dhabi

"After four different experts over the years, with not much help, just saw that there´s nothing wrong with me. I can´t thank you enough for all that you have done for me." Mr. Lucas B., 42, Director, Abu Dhabi

"I would like to thank you again, all from your soul and your heart. I cannot thank you enough. Hope to see you again soon." Ms. Salama M., 43, Entrepreneur, Abu Dhabi

"You have professionally described and understood my situation. I would like to have an appointment as soon as possible." Mr. Faisal M., 39, Business Owner, Jeddah

Please view for any further details of appointments with practitioner Christina Lindea in Dubai, the UAE.

"We are happy to say that we solved our issue and achieved our goal with the help of your coaching. Thank you." Mr. S., 28, and Ms. K., 27, Students, Abu Dhabi

"After the follow-up session, I was feeling so much better. There was very good improvement in every aspect of my life." Mr. Manoj S., 45, Engineer, Dubai

Code of Conduct and Ethics - Professional and Clear Boundaries

Disclaimer 1:  The practitioner is working within professional and clear boundaries, including privacy and confidentiality.

The practitioner is working at the level of your comfort and personal boundaries in professional settings.

Please note that I do not work intimately or sexually with clients. There is never nudity or sexual behavior in a session. 

Disclaimer 2:
 Your use of this website indicates your understanding the following: The information and resources on this website are for informational purposes only and are NOT to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical and mental health disease or condition.

Disclaimer 3: Offered modalities are NOT intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Disclaimer 4: Diamond Life Secrets© modalities are created and owned by Christina Lindea.

Reasons Why Women, Men and Couples are Contacting a Holistic Sexologist 

Common reasons why couples, men and women are contacting are various. 

Sexual dissatisfaction is the result of one or more of the following conditions:

1) Lack of knowledge of one´s own body, especially genitalia.

2) Lack of knowledge of how to experience and share sexual pleasure - if one chooses to do so.

3) Guilt and shame about one´s body, feelings, thoughts and sexual activity often have their roots in upbringing.

4) ED, PE, intimacy anxiety, arousal and orgasm issues can sometimes also be an arena in which a couple choose - usually subconsciously - to work out their power or other problems. 

Sexual response or the lack of it can be a barometer of the health of the entire relationship. Both of these issues, if present, would be addressed as part of one´s sexological consultation.

Cultivating sexual awareness and intelligence helps men, women, and couples access accurate information and make informed choices before engaging in intimacy with their beloved - if they choose to. It leads to better intimate life and deeper connections, creating a space to safely explore and experiment.

Women are sometimes mistakenly treated as sexually disordered because they have marital tensions. While being conditioned to be conservative about desire, sometimes women are also taught that their bodies should be available for men's pleasure. 

Book a confidential appointment at Christina Lindea's Jumeirah office to manage men's sexual challenges and experiences of frustration: such as low libido, control (premature ejaculation), male sexual performance anxiety, erection difficulties, and erectile dysfunction.

Call to book to discover woman-friendly sexual health and enhancement solutions for women's sexual problems and dysfunctions — such as low sexual desire, sexual arousal, and orgasm difficulties.

Some women experience sexual pain (vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, vestibulitis) and want to identify the treatable root causes of why sex hurt and why they feel dry and tight, just because they don't want to ignore vaginal dryness. 

Many women wish to overcome painful sex and other sexuality worries via lasting, non-invasive, and safe evidence-based sexual health solutions beyond the medical therapy model.

Psychosexual behavioral change somatics are holistic modalities beyond psychological counseling and sex therapy because results can often be achieved faster.

There is never nudity or sexual behavior in a session.

Dissolve negative habits and behaviors that no longer serve you.
Also, to better understand shame, guilt, inhibitions, insecurities, fantasies, out-of-control behavior, low self-esteem, decreased interest and aging. Even to appreciate their consensual non-monogamy and commitment preparation concerns.

To overcome sexual dissatisfaction, such as loss of intimacy, skill, repertoire, compatibility, and boundary concerns in a couple. Women especially contact because of libido, arousal (FSAD) and orgasm challenges.

Some do not have a partner who meets their needs and feel unloved, unsupported, and unappreciated and wish to learn how to speak up for themselves to communicate their needs.

Some are interested in preventing PE, ED and improve sexual function by strengthening the male PC muscle for better stamina. Ultimately learn the secret to non-stop energy flow (Stop-Start sexological behavior change method).

Many are scheduling appointments to clear psychological and energetic blockages and symptoms of stress,  to reduce anxiety and improve the quality of sleep, to support the body to produce more of its hormones to keep you alert and thriving at any age.

Also, to de-stress and adventure into mindfulness-based self-discovery to boost self-confidence, vitality, and immune system naturally and in healthy ways. 

Wanting to overcome body-image problems, end limiting beliefs, negative societal messages and awaken their sensual self by somatics.

Somatics is a great way to bring awareness to bodily sensations, repressions, desires, fears, habits in the process of transformation by professional body awareness techniques.

Some want to reconnect with their inner self and learn to unlock one's bliss potential by awakening and strengthening your bioelectricity, known as prana. Alternatively, to deepen Tantra Prana energy cultivation practices by expanding and circulating prana throughout the whole body for personal development and sacred cosmic awakening.

Sex Therapy Alternatives Sexological Counseling Skills Beyond The Medical Model

Sexologist Christina Lindea is a leading board certified best practice Sexologist (non-physician) based near you in Dubai, Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates. A good licensed professional Sexual Wellness and Relationship Coach Consultant and Mentor in the UAE.

Christina Lindea is a trained and certified specialist in Sexological Counseling, Sexuality Education, and Sexual Health Promotion The Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (NACS) and The Finnish Association for Sexology (FIAS) standards. 

The NACS curriculum in the Nordic countries is based on both US and European educational programs and resemble the AASECT diplomas.

For the last 23 years she has been an advocate for holistic sexual intelligence and empowerment about sexual awakening and cultivation of both body and spirit.

I was hoping you could have a look at my LinkedIn profile:

Book your very own session with your physician-referred psychosexual coach consultant and mentor, initiated to ancient Tantra science. 

Please call phone number 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857 to meet personally with practitioner Christina Lindea in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Please view for any further details and appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

My role is to bring attention to your current situation so that you can meet your goals. 

The best available holistic sex therapy and sexological methods go beyond typical sexuality counseling and married couples sex therapy because of faster results.

The holistic sexology honors individual differences and promotes sexual and mental health.

The Biopsychosocial approach recognizes that not only biological and medical factors but also psychological and cultural aspects are involved in the onset of a sexual problem.

Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies, emphasizing internal physical experience and embodiment. Somatic techniques are used in bodywork, in psychotherapy, dance, and transformative spiritual practices.

The Psychosexual approach combines clinical sexology to optimal vitality (PLISSIT, MEBES, REASSURE models).

Based on behavioral change coaching techniques, Somatic Sexology combines scientific awareness through the body with talk methods and holistic principles in its application. The session can also be done while lying on a massage-type table, and you are clothed. 

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is evidence-based system to build moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

The discipline of Tantra is the first and foremost universal, mindfulness based, timeless holistic system of connection with your real self.

The bodywork aspects of Tantra; authentic Tantra Sacred Bodywork for health, in its modern form, is about cultivating of being present, receptive, and connecting to bodily sensations while circulating human bioelectricity known as prana in the body.

Experience the skilled modalities integrated into the scientific sexological approach with teachings of Tantra. Christina Lindea is an inspiring Tantra Master and leading Tantra authority. 

Christina´s founded method, a holistic self-discovery modality, brings transformation through Tantra mindfulness-based approach. The Diamond Life Secrets©, an introductory process for beginners, was created after years of professional development, training, private tutorials, and initiations since 1997.

Christina is also a formally trained, gifted practitioner of evidence-based meditative modalities: chakra balancing, Bioenergetics, Prana - Kundalini activation, and circulation systems, based on a detailed understanding of the energetic anatomy of the human body. 

Meet Christina with an open heart, without preconceived ideas. Her guidance can be a catalyst for profound personal discovery.

What to Expect at The First Appointment? 

Please text or call a short call to share your concerns, and I will let you know, if it is something that I can help with. This does not mean having a consultation but to discuss about logistics etc. 

Please note that I do not work intimately or sexually with clients. There is never nudity or sexual behavior in a session.

You can also ask how you can get most from your appointment and typically schedule the next available time for your first face-to-face appointment or phone consultation. 

Please call phone number 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857 to book an appointment with practitioner Christina Lindea, e-mail at or use the Contact Form at the end of the page.

Please view for any further details of the appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

I was hoping you could have a look at my LinkedIn profile:

Your history and goals inform each session. Whether you would like to overcome frustrations and learn to speak up and communicate with your partner. Or, for example, to overcome body image issues that negatively affect your self-esteem and functioning.

Promoting sexual awareness, health, and well-being has sometimes misunderstood because there is no clear understanding, what sexologists do. A certified physician-referred practitioner is always working at the level of your comfort, and personal boundaries.

You can expect to talk about difficult personal topics. You can let down your guard, the appointments are confidential.

You can expect to feel less alone with your worries and better understand why you have certain thoughts and feelings. Whether you are stressed out and anxious, let me help you.  

You can also expect to develop useful skills to overcome difficulties with satisfactory sexual arousal and functioning. If you are stuck at a love-life low point and looking to add more spice to your life, let me come to your rescue.

In a session with somatics, you can also expect breath, body sensing, and a variety of behavioral change techniques with talk methods to dissolve negative habits and behaviors that no longer serve youIf you desire and it is appropriate, somatics is partly done while lying on a treatment-type table or maybe still in your chair, and you remain clothed.

Both individuals and couples can also expect to receive modalities for your homework assignments, something for you to explore at home in privacy - solo or within your couple - that will keep the process alive between the appointments. In the next session, I will ask about your experiences and concerns and how you would like to take it from there.

If you desire and it is appropriate, you can also expect wellness balancing and energy medicine cultivation modalities to support the awakening and strengthening of your vital energy, known as qi, chi, and prana.


Permanently Stop Premature Ejaculation & Erection Problems 

Q: Can you help to eliminate PE and ED permanently without meds?

A: Regardless of the causes, premature ejaculation (PE) and erection problems, and male sexual dysfunction (EDalso have psychosexual and psychological factors, mostly performance anxiety. Sexual and relationship coaching and behavioral methods are a scientifically proven approach to overcome control (PE) and performance (ED) difficulties.

Dubai-based specialist urologist and andrologist Dr. Marco Raber collaborates with certified sexologist Christina Lindea (NACS) on game-changing sexological approach to weak erection, sexual difficulties, and solutions for those looking for a sex therapist or a urologist doctors for erectile dysfunction (ED) sexual therapy in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, please view a short video . 

As a best practice sexologist, I am a certified specialist in management of safe, non-medical, best evidence based modalities of dysfunction (ED), uncontrolled ejaculation (PE) beyond the medical model in Dubai, the UAE.

Discover the mindful sexological model as a stand-alone approach or as an additional physician-referred psychosexual help, alongside your ejaculation problem and erectile dysfunction medical treatment.

Work in this area requires proper training and respect for professional and personal boundaries. There is never nudity or sexual behavior in a session.

I was hoping you could have a look at my LinkedIn profile:

Please call 04 344 1901, WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857 to schedule an appointment with practitioner Christina Lindea, e-mail at or use the Contact Form at the end of the page.

Please view for any further details and for appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

Studies have shown, that moving from rushed intimacy to slower, playful, and loving Tantra way promotes the needed relaxed arousal and satisfaction and fulfillment in a couple.

More importantly, you must be willing to look at what is going on between you. Are you connecting in general? Are you satisfied with the frequency? Are you pleased with what you are doing?

It is almost impossible to attain and maintain an erection under pressure.

When your partner gets satisfied without engaging your erection, your partner is unlikely to complain about your stamina. At least you should spend time hugging, laying in bed, spooning, and holding each other for some "cuddle hormone", for not moving too far away from intimacy and touch.

Controlling and delaying ejaculation is something you have to learn, just as you had to learn to control your bladder as a child.

Both male sexual dysfunction (ED) and uncontrolled ejaculation (PE) scientific research have found Male Pelvic Bodywork and Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) helpful.

Also, body sensations cultivation coaching, namely Kegels and Stop-Start Method, based on eastern pelvic floor practices and behavioral modification coaching system, generally help manage both acquired PE and psychogenic ED aspects. Resulting in improved stamina, increased blood flow, and enhanced sexual energy and function.

Wondering how to last longer in bed? 
My goal is to help you train your own body to delay climax via Stop-Start Method. It is about managing performance anxiety by improving sensory awareness and building tolerance via a system that combines mental focus, controlled breathing, and body sensing.

However, it is essential to remember that medical factors contribute to dysfunction (ED, Impotence) and premature ejaculation (PE).

Some of the most common causes are; overall stress, fatigue, depression, low-quality encounter, the partners sexual difficulties (lack of desire and arousal) or perceived incompatibility.
Men experience control (PE) and performance (ED) difficulties also because of anxiety about body image and size, pull-out method of contraception, condom-associated problems (CAEP). Often also because of relationship stress when trying to conceive and, family bed practice, to name few.

Adult movies rewire the brain and, in turn, have a massive effect on the ability to get aroused. These men had conditioned their sexual response to constant novelty, shock, and surprise. Adult content can have some benefits, although people should be aware of some potential risks (p-induced ED).

There are few signs to look for which might suggest that your erection difficulties and erectile dysfunction are not a medical issue:
A) Are you interested in intimacy and attracted to your partner but have trouble performing?
B) Do you experience morning erections?
C) Are you able to achieve an erection by touching yourself?
D) Are you under a lot of stress or experience anxiety?
E) Do you get nervous about pleasing your partner?

Medical factors, that contribute to dysfunctions are: smoking, alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, low serotonin levels, and vitamin D deficiency. Additional factors are the following: side effects of medications, anabolic steroids, diabetes, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, thyroid and prostate conditions, injuries to the lower body, as well as medical procedures.

As said, modalities offered by practitioner Christina Lindea are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

For men´s sexual healthcare, medical treatments, urology and andrology, please schedule with Italian trained Dr. Marco Raber (Italian Medical Board) in Dubai. Please view for any further details and schedule an appointment with him at the Mediclinic clinic at Dubai Mall or Knowledge Village.

Today sexual difficulties are easily treated, as long as one asks for help early. Psychosexual coaching and behavior modification alone - accurate, specific, and practical information about functioning and energy, techniques, and effective communication skills - or in combination with medication for some time, can solve the problem.

Overcome Pelvic Tension and Insomnia - Experience Smooth Flow of Energy

Pelvic floor is an essential part of our core musculature. Our stress sometimes shows up as tension and energetic blockages in the pelvic floor.

Christina Lindea's offered Tantra Prana energy cultivation modalities for the caring pelvic floor, and functional exercises are potent and safe, non-medical modalities, especially for the PE and ED aspects.

Wellness balancing techniques and pelvic Tantra bodywork work well also for the emotional aspects: stress, low libido, lack of motivation and confidence, feeling of being stuck, depression, anger, fear, guilt, shame, and insomnia, along with sexological exercises for the pelvic energy flow and function aspect (Kegel exercises) and stamina (Stop-Start Method) .

Clearing up energetic blockages and tension in the body-mind is one of the best ways to manage stress for optimal health and improved libido.

Esoteric traditions view the pelvic floor as a energy centre and teach methods of accessing, expanding, and channeling energy known as qi, chi and prana through awareness, intention and physical contraction, and muscle relaxation. 

Unrestricted and smooth flow of this vital energy - called bioelectricity in western medicine, is necessary for overall health and vitality.

The same energy is a fundamental underlying principle in martial arts practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi and Aikido.

Protect Your Potency and Prevent Dysfunctions

It is normal to occasionally have trouble on getting or keeping the feeling. However, if you frequently have difficulty getting or maintaining it, you might have a performance issue. It is essential to seek help because erection dissatisfaction can affect your self-confidence and make you avoid intimacy.

Pelvic Floor Exercises are potent, especially for men. By working the pelvic floor muscles, you strengthen the muscles for more rigid erections, improve the blood flow and reduce dysfunction (ED).

Before you start doing pelvic floor exercises, you must locate the correct muscles and understand the proper technique. Sexologist Christina Lindea can help you with this.

In men, Kegel Exercises reduce pelvic muscle spasm, early prostate conditions, premature ejaculation (PE), and erection difficulties (ED).

Regular Kegel Exercises are an easy way to improve sexual function.

Would you like to book an appointment to discover how to do the Kegel Exercises properly?

Please call 04 344 1901, or WhatsApp or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857 to book an appointment with sexologist Christina Lindea, e-mail at or use the Contact Form in the end of the page.

Please view for any further details and appointments with practitioner Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

Prices, Fees and Booking Contact Details: Availability and Modalities

Please observe that appointments are for managing challenges and self-discovery via personal consultations at Christina Lindea's office in Dubai, Jumeirah 2, or by phone.

Types of sessions:
Option 1: Verbal methods; verbal coaching consultation only
Option 2: Verbal coaching consultation AND scientific somatics

Somatics, mindfulness-based modalities with the breath, body sensing, and behavioral methods. These body-oriented behavioral management techniques with talk methods very much dissolve negative habits, behaviors, and attitudes that no longer serve you.

If you desire and appropriate for the work, we may do somatics and some gentle bodywork. These sessions can be done while lying on a treatment-type table, maybe even still in your chair. You remain clothed. 

Appointments are available on same day notice; however, minimum of 3 - 6 hours notice upon availability. Please schedule your appointment a few days in advance to avoid disappointment.

Appointments are generally scheduled Sunday through Thursday between 10 am to 7 pm. Availability on weekends, Friday and Saturday is between 12 noon to 7 pm.

The initial first appointment is for 90 minutes, but bookings to deal with specific concerns may ideally last even for 2 - 3,5 hours.  

When you are ready to schedule an appointment, please let me know your name, gender, age, and personal contact mobile number.

Let me also know that you are aware of the rates and if there is something I should know before the appointment, as it is for your addressed concerns.

I prefer working with clients for some time to see breakthroughs in your patterns and lasting transformation.

Please call 04 344 1901 to book, or send a WhatsApp message or call +971 50 969 0857, in Dubai, the UAE 050 969 0857, e-mail at or by the Contact Form at the end of the page.

"Let's Talk About Sex - Let's Talk about You"

A 45 minutes Face-to-Face Appointment includes:

Verbal methods You maybe never had a change to talk about sex or sexuality with anyone face-to-face, about anything at all. You possibly could not speak with family member or with your partner, or even with your doctor. Ask all the most intimate questions you always wanted to ask and better understand yourself and your feelings. Please prepare your questions. You can even bring them written on paper and hand them over to me if you feel shy. It is ok to feel nervous.

What to expect: You can expect to understand your feelings better, the fundamental truths about sexual energy and function beyond the adult movie or societal messages.

Price: An appointment of 45 minutes 700 AED for an individual.

Couples Intimacy and Sexual "Check-Up"

A 45 minutes Face-to-Face Appointment includes:

Verbal methods Much like seeing a medical doctor for a medical check-up, couples can now book a session that checks up and enhances their intimacy and sexual quality. You do not have to have a problem to see a sexologist. 

What to expect: You can expect to understand better what is happening or not happening between you two and maybe make an action plan.

Price: An appointment of 45 minutes 700 AED or for 1,5 hours 1000 AED for a couple.

Verbal Sexological Coaching and Practical Advice Consultation

A 90 minutes Face-to-Face Appointment includes:

Verbal methods Based on your addressed concerns, personal results-focused, holistic sexual health and wellness coaching, and advanced advice consultation. Individual mindfulness-based practices, daily self-care routine suggestions, and follow-up support by e-mail or by phone. 

What to expect: You can expect to resolve some of your issues at your first appointment but cannot expect to solve everything in just one visit.

Price: The initial first, follow-up, and regular appointments of 1,5 hours 1000 AED for an individual or a couple. Following your first session, you can decide whether you would like to continue to pay per session or whether you would like to purchase a prepaid package: Four (4) appointments of 1,5 hours 3600 AED. Two (2) appointments of 1,5 hours 1900 AED.

30-Minute Q & A and 45 minutes Telephone Consultations includes:

Verbal methods Based on your addressed concerns, personal results-focused, holistic sexual health and wellness coaching, and advanced advice consultation. Individual mindfulness-based mind-body practices and daily self-care routine suggestions. 

What to expect: You can expect to gain clarity of goals that are important to you, but cannot expect to solve everything over the phone.
Price: The initial first, follow-up and regular telephone consultations of 30 minutes 630 AED and 45 minutes 850 AED only.

Psychosexual Coaching on Sexual Difficulties

60, 90 and 180 minutes Holistic Solutions to Manage and Overcome Challenges: PE, ED, Arousal, Sexual Pain, Performance and Intimacy Anxiety, Libido concerns etc. 

Somatic methods  Tailored to your concerns, based on behavioral body coaching techniques, mind-body modalities combines scientific, evidence based, and specific body-based information. Psychosexual body awareness and sensations modalities and functional exercises (Sensate Focus, Stop-Start Method, Kegel Exercises etc.) are effective and safe, non-medical modalities to improve sexual function but specially male stamina and energy flow and to dissolve negative sexual habits and behaviors (PE - ED). Tailored wellness balancing techniques: Therapeutic Touch (TT), Acupoints Bioenergetics, and Chakra Balancing.

Verbal methods Based on your concerns, personal results-focused, holistic relationship, sexual behavior modification, and couples communication skills instruction, along with advanced advice consultation. Individual mindfulness-based mind-body practices, daily self-care routine suggestions, and follow-up support by e-mail or by phone. 

What to expect The sexological behavioral approach provides very high success rate, given you continue the homework practices and make the needed lifestyle and situational modifications. These sessions are partly done while lying on a treatment-type table or maybe still in your chair, and you remain clothed. There maybe some gentle bodywork but no sexual behavior.

Price: An unhurried one hour 2000 AED. The initial first appointment of 2 hours (recommended) 3800 AED and 3 - 3,5 hours 5500 AED.

Boost Flow & Function: Tantra Prana Bodywork

60, 90 and 180 minutes Ultimate Boosting support to your Immune System help keep your Body Strong: Manage Stress, Restore Sexual Function and Prevent Premature Aging

Somatic methods Mixture of Energy Cultivation and Sacred Bodywork: This combination is a Prana dense and enjoyable bodywork process on emotional and energetic detox. It reduce anxiety, improves sleep patterns by focusing on body sensations and energy flow via breath, movement, and body awareness techniques. Tailored Tantra - Prana awakening and cultivation practices. Also, wellness balancing techniques: Therapeutic Touch (TT), Acupoints Bioenergetics, Chakra Balancing, and Prana - Activation - Circulation.

Verbal methods Based on your concerns, personal results-focused coaching on stress management and advanced advice consultation on sexual intelligence and empowerment. Individual mindfulness-based mind-body practices, along with daily self-care routine suggestions to help prevent premature aging. Follow-up support by e-mail or by phone. 

What to expect: Already a single session eliminates energetic blockages, promotes well-being and health, reduces stress, anxiety, and mood changes, and after all improves the quality of sleep.

Price: An unhurried one hour 2800 AED. The initial first appointment of 2 hours (recommended) 3800 AED and 3 - 3,5 hours 5500 AED.

Also Sliding Scale Fee Program Appointments, Intensives, and Workshops for Men and Women.

Please ask your possibility to apply for the Sliding Scale Fee Program to have your appointment at a discounted rate. The fee you pay can "slide" up or down based on your ability to pay.

I accept cash and credit cards Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard for payment. The payment is made before or in the beginning of your appointment.

Cancellation policy: Appointments missed or cancelled less than 24 hours will incur 50 % of the appointment charge value. An exception to this policy may be made for emergencies on a case-by-case basis.

Workshops: Do you have an event or group that will benefit from receiving accurate sexual health information? Are you looking for an entertaining and practical advanced unique advice presentation? Adding spice to any event and leaves the audience with a newfound exuberance and zest for life? Sexual health is a topic rarely addressed that needs to be brought to the public in a non-judgmental and positive but sophisticated way. I have a list of topics available for you to choose from, or I am happy to address your group's specific area of interest.

Privacy notice: All data is strictly confidential. Privacy guaranteed. You communicate with practitioner Christina Lindea only.