What to Expect at The First Appointment

Q: What happens before and during an appointment?

A: Please text or email to share your concerns, and I will let you know if it is something that I can help with. This does not mean a consultation but to discuss logistics.

Some may feel intimidated by the term "sex therapy." Rest assured, it does NOT mean having sex with or in front of the specialist.

A consultation will have NO physical examination, nudity, or sexual behavior

You can also ask how to get the most from your consultation and typically schedule the next available time for your first online video call consultation or a face-to-face in-person consultation at Christina's private practice office in Jumeirah.

Please WhatsApp +971 50 969 0857, the call WhatsApp call in the UAE 050 969 0857 to book an appointment with practitioner Christina Lindea, email at christina@docnoor.com.

Look at https://docnoor.com/blog for the details of consultations https://docnoor.com/blog/book-now-booking-details-fees-and-modalities with sexologist Christina in Dubai, the UAE.

I was hoping you could look at my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinalindea/.

Each session is unique and informed by your history and goals.

Please find out why men, women, and couples contact and see holistic clinical sexologist Christina Lindea https://docnoor.com/blog/reasons-why-women-men-and-couples-are-contacting-a-holistic-sexologist.

A certified practitioner always works at your comfort level and within your personal boundaries.

Many hope to overcome sexuality-related and other frustrations or learn to speak up and communicate with their partner to enhance intimacy and shared sexuality. 

You can expect to talk about the things that are also hard to discuss. You can let down your guard. You are safe because the consultations are confidential.

Unlike what you have visited, you can expect a privacy-friendly facility with the most non-medical or clinical setting. The way it used to be when specialists had time to listen to clients and learn about their concerns in a longer, non-rushed appointment

You can expect to schedule your appointment discreetly and easily, possibly even in the same week.

You can expect to feel less alone with your worries and better understand why you have specific thoughts and feelings. Whether you are stressed out or anxious, let me help you.

You can also expect to develop valuable psychosexual skills to overcome difficulties with sex drive, satisfactory arousal, and sexual functioning. 
You can expect a shame-free consultation through a trauma-informed, inclusive approach, as some of you are individuals whose characteristics differ from what is typically expected by the culture.  

When needed, you can also expect breath, body sensing, and evidence-based body-oriented behavioral change methods. The purpose is to dissolve sexuality-related and non-sex-related habits, behaviors, anxieties, and fears that no longer serve you

Both individuals and couples can also expect to receive modalities for their personal homework assignments to keep the process alive between the appointments. You can explore these at home in privacy - solo or within your couple. 

I will ask about your experiences and concerns in the next session, and we will take it from there.